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  • September 16
    Co-Sponsorship committee
  • October 2
    The Resources and Allocation Committee administers the space, supplies, and businesses of the SBA. The R&A committee operates the SBA website, Clarks List, and the Student outlines archive and buyback program. It runs the SBA Student store, helping to design and create resources of value to the student body, such as study materials, merchandise, and clothing. Resources and Allocation is in charge of scheduling the use of the SBA conference room by student groups, as well as control of the advertising and notices on the physical bulletin boards of campus. The R & A committee, in conjunction with the Registrar’s office, also administers the end of the year faculty evaluations.
  • October 2
    The Elections Committee is responsible for conducting elections for first-year pod representatives, the transfer student representative, and any SBA vacancies in the fall. The SBA elections committee also conducts the campus-wide elections of SBA Representatives in the spring. All law students are able to participate by assisting the Committee in conducting the elections, so long as they are not Representatives and not running in the elections. The SBA Internal Vice President chairs the Committee, unless a conflict of interest arises.
  • October 2
    The Budget Committee is responsible for insuring that money collected from student fees is used in accordance with the SBA Constitution, its Bylaws, its Budget policy, and any authorizing directives of the SBA Board of Governors. The Budget Committee is responsible for evaluating requests for funding, auditing expenditures from student organizations, and whenever possible, coordinating the efficient and cost-effective use of student fees by student organizations, or other requesting individuals or organizations. The SBA Treasurer is chair of the Committee, and it consists of 5-12 representatives including the SBA Internal Vice President.
  • drawing of two hands holding a book behind black bars. the front cover has a red rose and B2P wri...
    May 1
    Books To Prisoners is the recipient of this year’s Outstanding Community Partner Award.
  • January 25
    Robert Hass, the former United States Poet Laureate, winner of the National Book Award, and recipient of both the MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship and the Pulitzer Prize, will read his poetry at Lewis & Clark at 6 p.m. on February 6.
  • Professor Kim Stafford (center) at the Stafford Centennial celebration.
    February 11
    Even wintery weather didn’t keep crowds from downtown Portland’s sold out Newmark Theatre on February 7. Attendees didn’t want to miss current Lewis & Clark professors Mary Szybist and Kim Stafford honoring renowned poet and former Lewis & Clark professor William Stafford (1914-1993) at the centennial of his birth.
  • January 15
    William Stafford (1914–93) achieved international acclaim as the author of dozens of volumes of poetry, winner of a National Book Award, consultant in poetry to the Library of Congress, and Oregon Poet Laureate. He also taught at Lewis & Clark for 30 years. And, thanks to the Stafford family, we hold his literary archives.
  • November 21
    Associate professor of English wins the 2013 National Book Award in Poetry for her latest collection, Incarnadine.
  • October 9
    We honor the acclaimed poet and teacher who made Lewis & Clark his academic home.
  • October 7
    With her daughter Meghan Rose, Ruth Shagoury co-authors a book for parents to encourage reading with young children at home.
  • William Stafford won the National Book Award in 1963 and served as Poet Laureate from 1971-72.
    June 7
    Lewis & Clark launches a yearlong centennial celebration for the revered professor and former U.S. and Oregon poet laureate William Stafford.
  • Mary Stuart Rogers Professor of Education Ruth Shagoury
    October 3
    Education professors Ruth Shagoury and Andie Cunningham investigated whether standardized testing measures what matters most.
  • January 6
    This coffee is far from campus but has excellent beverages.  It may be a little short on table space and may be a little crowded for studying, but the environment is great for study breaks.
  • January 6
    The coffee shop has a good selection of beverages, but the Annex may be a better study spot.  The location is great if you are looking for food or other study break diversions.
  • January 6
    A good coffee shop with plenty of works space and late hours.
  • January 6
    A quiet and spacious coffee shop that is also open late.
  • January 6
     A 24-hour coffee shop with free internet, great coffee, and a friendly staff.
  • January 6
    A quirky coffee shop with a good selection of comics to boot.
  • January 6
     A cute coffee with real food and a good environment for studying.
  • January 6
    A cheery coffee shop and bakery with friendly staff.
  • (The Oregonian)
    October 10
    Portland’s fabulous Hammy’s Pizza is not only open for take-out until 2:30am but it’s incredible pizza will cause even the mightiest pizza snobs to fall to their knees in joy.
  • (Image courtesy of KATU-TV)
    October 10
    The spice level is enjoyable without being overbearing, and the spices linger rather than sear. The meals should be accompanied with Garlic Nan.
  • October 10
    They serve good food, like yummy pizzas and brats, but they also have a lot of healthy and gluten free options, such as a vegan bowl.
  • October 10
    Bomber Restaurant & Catering is an all-American diner that serves breakfast items like De Gaulle’s Special, 4 triangles of cinnamon French toast.
  • October 10
    I find the noodle to be key with pad se ew and Baan-Thai’s achieves the proper “chewy but not too chewy” designation.
  • October 10
    The Whole Bowl does a great job of getting customers in and out, providing them with great service, and relatively healthy food in a reasonable amount of time.
  • October 10
    These Waffle Window waffles are those waffles crazy great-grandmother who gives you awesome presents for your birthday.
  • October 10
    Original, unique and initially exclusive to the Portland area, Voodoo is famous for its one-of-a-kind doughnuts – but don’t expect to study there.
  • October 10
    I went to Swagat because I was at the gym with a friend of mine and we wanted to get Indian food and a lady in the locker room said it was good.
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