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September 15th, 2020

September 22nd, 2020

September 29th, 2020

October 6th, 2020

October 13th, 2020


  • September 28
    Actor Usman Ally transforms scholarly insight into compelling characters.
  • May 29
    In Botswana, Jack Swenson BA ’79 and his photo-safari guests conceal themselves in an underground blind, observing doves and impala at a nearby watering hole.
  • May 27
    Jocelyn Stokes BA ’07 launched the Survival of the Sun Bears awareness campaign and documentary film project through her media company, Wild & Stoked Productions.
  • February 13
    As the sun began to set on a balmy summer day in Southern California, an Electra cruise ship motored past luxury yachts, sailboats, and multimillion-dollar homes in Newport Harbor. On deck, a wedding ceremony was in progress. Philip Bradley BS ’59 pronounced the happy couple husband and wife, smiling as they sealed their union with a kiss.
  • February 12
    Nestled in a rustic campground at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York state, Susan Kirtley BA ’95 fiddled with her tape recorder. The hot, still air seemed to magnify her nervousness as she sat down to interview noted comic artist Lynda Barry.
  • December 5
    Nena Baker BA ‘81 writes an eye-opening book on the implications of chemical contaminants accumulating in our bodies.
    by Barbara Schuetze
  • October 22
    After four decades, Rocky Blumhagen returned to the Lewis & Clark stage in June. Partnering with Susannah Mars and the Portland Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Yaki Bergman, he performed his latest fundraising revue, “Oh, Those Gershwin Boys!”
  • October 22
    When Barack Obama made his first presidential visit to Israel, Stephanie Beechem BA ’08 worked with Obama’s speechwriters and policy staff to help fact-check the president’s remarks.
  • Bjorn Hinrichs BA ’94
    May 29
    On a summer day in 2007, Bjorn Hinrichs BA ’94 and his 3-year-old son, Sawyer, were exploring the front yard of their Lake Oswego, Oregon, home—digging in the dirt, turning over rocks, and inspecting bugs. A noisy bird with a red head and fluffy red chest flew in and landed. Sawyer was captivated—and curious.
  • Christy Hale BA ’77, M.A.T. ’80
    May 29
    When Christy Hale’s BA ’77, M.A.T. ’80 daughter was a baby, she remembers watching her make brightly colored pyramids out of stacking rings. “Turned upside down, the stack of rings resembled Frank Lloyd Wright’s design for the Guggenheim Museum in New York City,” thought Hale.
  • Myrna Ann Adkins BA ’63
    May 29
    In the fall of 1962, senior Myrna Ann Adkins BA ’63 and about 20 Lewis & Clark students climbed aboard the S.S. President Cleveland headed to Japan for a semester of cultural immersion and study.
  • Andrew Bradburn BA ’85, Tessa Idlewine BA ’09, and Brian Drischell BA ’93
    February 13
    Andrew Bradburn BA ’85, Tessa Idlewine BA ’09, and Brian Drischell BA ’93: Crowds roar and cheer as celebrities walk the red carpet outside Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Cameras click staccato style and flashbulbs dazzle as reporters wrangle movie stars for live interviews at the annual Academy Awards ceremony.
  • October 4
    Under the stone arches of Sant’Eufemia, a 12th-century church in Spoleto, Italy, Grant Herreid took up his lute. His fingers moved deftly across the strings, plucking a melody line that may have been familiar to the church’s first parishioners.
  • October 4
    Matt Wuerker BA ’79 won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning in recognition of “his consistently fresh, funny cartoons, especially memorable for lampooning the partisan conflict that engulfs Washington.”
  • Patrick Fleming BS ’92, Brannon Riceci BS ’92, Tim Parsons BA ’91
    June 5
    Patrick Fleming BS ’92, Brannon Riceci BS ’92, and Tim Parsons BA ’91 create interesting one-bowl meals with exotic flavors at Boke Bowl.
  • June 5
    Strolling through the streets and gardens of Tokyo, Chico Hayasaki stops to notice the silhouettes of flowering trees and a pink-orange cloud floating above the setting sun.
  • Marc Casto (center) with his mother, Maryles Casto, and Fabio Castellotto, manager of Casto Vacat...
    September 8
    Whenever Marc Casto BA ’97 travels, one of his first goals is to find a good local cookbook
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Posey BA '03
    September 25
    “The face of Anchorage is changing,” says Elizabeth “Liz” Posey BA ’03, president of the Anchorage Urban League Young Professionals. Nearly 120 languages are spoken in the Anchorage School District. Diverse cultures–including Hmong, Lao, Samoan, Tongan, Dominican, African American, Alaska Native, and Sudanese–continue to grow in representation as word of the city’s acceptance and opportunity gets out.
  • May 1
    Like many children, Grace Gifford ’12 learned to swim at the Y. But for her, getting in the pool was much more than a simple rite of passage.
  • February 5
    Waugh has created more than 100,000 captivating images of water in flight–on purpose–using ultra-highspeed digital cameras and self-designed timing and flash devices.
  • February 5
    For someone who holds a prestigious appointment at a premier cancer research center, Brad Cairns spends a lot of time staring at zebra fish.
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