Preparing for the Fall 2022 Semester

Fall semester is almost here! Before coming to campus, all students must be compliant with our vaccine policy. Undergraduate students also need to obtain a negative COVID test within 48 hours of arrival and complete our COVID pledge.

Vaccine Compliance for All Students (Undergraduate, Graduate, Law)

If you are not in compliance with the college’s COVID vaccination policy, you will receive an email prior to the start of the semester letting you know and advising you on next steps. If you do not demonstrate compliance prior to the start of the semester, you will not be allowed to move on to campus or to attend classes.

Entry Testing for Undergraduate Students

All College of Arts and Sciences students are required to obtain a negative COVID test within 48 hours prior to moving to campus (for residential students) or prior to the first day of class (for nonresidential students). A home antigen test or a molecular (e.g., PCR) test is satisfactory. You should take a picture of your test results, and must be prepared to show that picture to college staff upon entry to campus. You must be able to demonstrate compliance with this requirement before you are allowed to move into a residence hall or attend classes.

If you are symptomatic at the time of move-in, you will be referred for testing. If you test positive, you will be asked to enact your isolation off-campus. If you have tested positive for COVID in the five days prior to move-in, you will not be allowed to move onto campus, until you complete isolation off-campus. Guidance for Isolation.

If you will be living on campus and you are in a high risk category for severe disease from COVID, please complete the High-Risk Registry form.

COVID Compliance Pledge for Undergraduate Students

After you take your antigen test, you will need to complete a COVID pledge, attesting to your commitment to uphold community health standards. The pledge will be sent to you via email.

COVID-Related Supplies for All Students

We ask that you bring the following with you when you return to campus this fall:

  • At least six home antigen tests. United States residents can obtain free antigen tests by ordering them through If you are unable to procure tests through this website, call 1-800-232-0233 to request tests.
  • A supply of masks. Masks are not required on campus generally, but will or may be required in certain locations (healthcare clinics, select classrooms.) In addition, Multnomah County currently encourages masking for everyone on public transit. Masks should be well-fitting. Consider a KN-95 or comparable mask from a trusted source. However, there are other options, like disposable surgical masks or cloth masks (although they are not as protective).
  • To help protect yourself and your community, pack disinfection supplies such as wipes, paper towels, and disinfectant spray.
  • In case you get sick, come prepared with fever-reducing medication, pain relief medication, tissues, and hand sanitizer.
  • Your vaccination card.