Student Guidance for Isolation

Anyone in our community who either experiences COVID-like symptoms or has tested positive for COVID needs to immediately enter isolation. This can feel overwhelming, but these guidelines will help you know what to do. For situation-specific information, refer to the What Do I Do Now? page.

On-Campus Isolation

Students living on campus who test positive for COVID and have family nearby will be encouraged to complete their isolation period with family, if possible. Precautions should be taken to reduce the risk of transmission to family members. Students who live on campus and are not able to isolate off campus should plan to complete their isolation period in their residence hall room. After completing the Student Positive COVID Test (PCT) form, take these steps:

Expectations for Behavior

Isolation is a critical component of keeping our community as healthy and safe as possible. As such, while you are isolating on campus:

Do not leave your room unless you are:

  • using a bathroom
  • picking up meals
  • taking out your trash
  • accessing essential medical care
  • responding to an emergency (e.g, fire) alarm

Students who violate these isolation expectations endanger the health of their peers as well as faculty and staff, some of whom are immunocompromised or at risk of severe disease. For that reason, students who are reported to have violated COVID isolation restrictions will be referred for investigation and potential disciplinary action.

Please visit the Student Rights and Responsibility COVID page for more information on mitigation and amnesty policies.