I’m an employee with COVID symptoms.

COVID symptoms include fatigue, cough, headache, muscle or body aches, congestion or runny nose, sore throat, fever or chills, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, new loss of taste or smell, nausea and diarrhea. If you experience any of these symptoms, take the following steps.

  1. Isolate in your residence at the first sign of symptoms.
  2. If you have any of the following emergency symptoms, seek immediate medical attention:
      • Trouble breathing
      • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
      • New confusion
      • Inability to wake or stay awake
      • Pale, gray, or blue-colored skin, lips, or nail beds, depending on skin tone
      If you have these symptoms and you care on campus, call Campus Safety (503-768-7777) and 911. Campus Safety staff will guide first responders to your location. If you are off campus, call 911.
  3. Seek guidance from a healthcare provider of your choice, and take a COVID test if recommended. Some providers have rapid molecular testing available. If you test negative on a single molecular test, you may immediately leave isolation. Alternatively, you may choose to isolate for 24 hours, and take an at-home antigen test. If the antigen test result is positive, you have COVID. False positive results are very rare. If the test result is negative, continue isolating for 36 more hours, and take a second antigen test. If the test result is positive, you have COVID. If the second result is negative, it is unlikely you have COVID, and you may release from isolation. Wear a well-fitting mask for as long as you are symptomatic.