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Law School Tuition and Fees


JD Program

Students in the Juris Doctor program pay by the semester. Students in the full-time, (Day) division typically take 13 to 15 credit hours per semester. Students in the part-time, (Evening) division typically take 8 to 11 credit hours per semester.

Day (full-time) Division Charges per semester Total for year
First-Year Tuition $24,086 $48,172
Upper-Division Tuition $24,086* $48,172*
Health Insurance
$1,469.50 $2,939
Loan Repayment Assistance Program Fee (LRAP) $25 $50
Evening (part-time) Division Charges per semester Total for year
First-Year Tuition $18,063 $36,126
Upper-Division Tuition $18,063** $36,126**
First-Year Fall Health Insurance $1530.50***  
Health Insurance $1,469.50 $2,939
Loan Repayment Assistance Program Fee (LRAP) $25 $50

*Full-time upper-division students enrolled in 16 or 17 credit hours pay an additional $1,779 per credit a semester.   

**Part-time upper-division students enrolled in 12 credit hours pay an additional $1,779 per semester.

***First Year Law students begin their programs one week earlier than returning students, and their period/premium reflects this earlier start date.

LLM Program

LLM students pay by the credit hour. Students who are enrolled in classes pay a student activities/building fee. Students not enrolled in classes who are continuing to work towards the degree while completing thesis pay an LLM thesis continuation fee.

Tuition $1,779/credit
Distance Student Tuition $1,495/credit
LLM Registration Fee $42.50/semester
Health Insurance $1,469.50/semester*
LLM Thesis Continuation Fee $250/semester

*First-Year International LLM fall cost for Health Insurance is $1530.50 Fall cost is reflective of an earlier start date.

Additional Costs

Please click here to be directed to the Law Students Living Expenses page for detailed information on living expenses and Sample Costs of Living Budgets.

Books & Supplies (estimated) $800/semester

Federal Direct Loan Origination Fees for Unsubsidized Loans and Grad PLUS Loans (estimated)


Audit Program

Auditors are charged by the credit hour. The fee varies if the student is not auditing for a certificate or if the student is an alumnus. Audits require professor permission.

Per Credit Hour for Certificate $1,779/credit
Per Credit Hour for Non-Certificate audit or alumni $889/credit

Summer School

Summer school is paid for by the credit hour. A typical course in summer school is 2 to 3 hours. Students typically take one to two courses in a summer. Students taking summer school may become eligible to graduate early or take part-time semesters and still graduate within the three year full-time program.

Law students & certificate auditors $1,779/credit

Section and Course Fees

Individual sections or courses may have associated fees. Check to see if your section has a fee by viewing your section using WebAdvisor and clicking on the section title. If you drop a course with a fee before the late add/drop period begins (as defined on the academic calendar), then the course fee is reversed in full. If you withdraw from the course on or after the start of the late add/drop period as defined on the academic calendar, then the course fee is not adjusted.

*Lewis & Clark reserves the right to change the charges for tuition and fees at any time and at the discretion of its Board of Trustees.

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