Advancement Services

Advancement Services is instrumental to Lewis & Clark’s ability to achieve its outreach, fundraising, event, and stewardship goals. Our vision is to honor and support the division’s mission of creating and strengthening effective relationships. We meet those commitments by ensuring the integrity of gift and demographic data in our database, by training and mentoring our business partners in data acquisition and analysis, by adhering to and furthering knowledge of all relevant gift and demographic entry standards, and by supplying our clients - both internal to the College and external constituents such as alumni, parents, and friends - with information generated in the most efficient, consistent and accurate manner. Advancement Services stands at the unique junction between the human face of Lewis & Clark, the technological tools we use to achieve our goals and the rigorous standards associated with industry business practices. Our goal is to serve the College in its fundamental mission by maintaining this careful balance with empathy, skill and integrity.

By and large, the information we generate is confidential. Any data containing personal information which links a donor to a gift is to be disposed of by shredding. Please be mindful when managing this information.

Advancement Services processes over 500 production and ad-hoc list requests per year as well as over 10,000 gifts and 100,000 demographic changes.