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Institutional Advancement Services

Director of Advancement Services

Director of Advancement Services

Melody Mulkey

Phone: 503-768-7925                                                                                


Primary Job Functions

The Director of Advancement Services has oversight responsibility for the performance and maintenance of the alumni/development database at Lewis & Clark College. The Director is responsible for providing strategic leadership, and long-range and short-term planning for the areas of gift processing, database integrity, prospect management, reporting, data analysis, and system enhancements. The Director develops and executes strategies for continuous quality improvement in services to and communications with departments and other College constituencies that utilize alumni and parent data.

• Responsible for overseeing the alumni/development database for the College including data integrity, reports, gift and demographic data entry, prospect management, and overall system upgrades and use.

• Supervises and evaluates the work of staff - oversees completion of job duties, delegates work projects, provides time management guidance, provides training and counseling, and conducts performance reviews.

• Works with the IT Department in defining and addressing long-term College priorities and problems with the Institutional Advancement software and alumni/development database.

• Identifies Advancement Services data issues and programming needs and works with the other directors in the Institutional Advancement Division to prioritize these needs among the College’s general computing priorities.

• Works between IT, the Department of Advancement Services, and system end-users to enhance the functionality of the database. Responsible for training end-users on how to access data and reports accurately.

• Works with IT and Advancement Services staff on developing, refining and sustaining the database infrastructure and reporting functionality.

• Produces development, financial, campaign, and stewardship reports.

• Generates direct mail solicitation lists, segmented phonathon data files and giving society renewal lists for College development staff. When required, generates complex alumni lists, gift reports and labels for the administrative staff of the School of Law, Graduate School, and the Undergraduate College, or other requesting departments, external agencies and individuals.

• Develops and maintains a series of system audit reports that regularly review data and computer-generated reports to 1) confirm accuracy and 2) identify potential problems with software and custom processes and reports.

• Develops and maintains an alumni/development database training program for new staff. Provides ongoing training for existing staff on the database and other development systems.

• Establishes and maintains a systems users manual with relevant sections to Lewis & Clark College-specific practices.

• Analyzes the needs of users, recommends systems solutions and oversees systems upgrades and conversions. Implements new methods of coding to properly extract data.

• Develops and maintains a dynamic list of policies, procedures, and regulations related to the use of the College’s Advancement systems.

•  Manages an accurate mailing/reporting calendar and production log for Institutional Advancement projects requiring support from Advancement Services.