Office of Business and Finance

Office of Business and Finance Departments

Accounts Payable, Student and Departmental Account Services, Budgeting and Investments are all services under the umbrella of the Office of Business and Finance. It is the main concern of staff in the Office of Business and Finance to respond to the financial needs of the campus in an efficient and expedient manner.

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Audited Financial Statements

5/31/2021 Audited Financial Statements and Uniform Guidance audit

5/31/2020 Audited Financial Statements w/ Uniform Guidance audit

5/31/2019  Audited Financial Statement w/Uniform Guidance audit

Form 990

2020 Form 990 as of 5/31/2021 and Form 990T

2019 Form 990 as of 5/31/2020 and Form 990T

2018 Form 990 as of 5/31/19 and Form 990T

501(c)(3) Exemption Letter

Exemption Letter