Office of Business and Finance

As part of our effort to remain committed to the health and safety of our community, effective Monday, March 23 the Business Office will work remotely. As we work to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, the following temporary changes will be in effect:

  • Checks will be placed in the mail and unavailable for pick-up in the Business Office or Student and Departmental Account Services. Please ensure your address is accurate with the college. We encourage you to take this opportunity to enroll in direct deposit via WebAdvisor for reimbursements.
  • Accounts Payable will be closed to visitors. Please drop any work for processing into the cabinet outside of the Business Office. We encourage you to submit payment requests electronically to Please include in the email the check request/invoice/expense report document(s), receipts, expense coding and authorization. There have been no changes to budget authority/approvals. However, we will accept a scanned authorization signature on the request, DocuSign signatures or an email from the budget approver explicitly stating approval and request for payment. An approval email included in the chain or sent directly from the approver and attached is acceptable.
  • Cash reimbursements will be limited to vital need. Should you be approved to receive a cash reimbursement, we ask that you contact Student and Departmental Account Services at to schedule an appointment.

We appreciate your understanding as we work together to help protect our Lewis & Clark community and the community at large. Please note that we may need to prioritize immediate requests. This may slow down our regular processing time. Should you have time sensitive requests or concerns, please reach out to us via email.


Office of Business and Finance Departments

Accounts Payable, Student and Departmental Account Services, Budgeting and Investments are all services under the umbrella of the Office of Business and Finance. It is the main concern of staff in the Office of Business and Finance to respond to the financial needs of the campus in an efficient and expedient manner.

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Audited Financial Statements

5/31/2020 Audited Financial Statements w/ Uniform Guidance audit

5/31/2019  Audited Financial Statement w/Uniform Guidance audit

5/31/2018 Audited Financial Statement w/Uniform Guidance audit

Form 990

2019 Form 990 as of 5/31/2020 and Form 990T

2018 Form 990 as of 5/31/19 and Form 990T

2017 Form 990 as of 5/31/18 and Form 990 T

501(c)(3) Exemption Letter

Exemption Letter