Accounts Payable

Office Hours

For Purchase Orders and Payment Requests to be processed by Accounts Payable, please submit your complete request in one of the following manners:

  1. Drop in Business Office drop box in the hallway outside of the business office.
  2. Submit through interoffice mail to the Business Office (MSC 31).
  3. If you continue to work remotely, you can submit electronically via email. Please send your submissions directly to Please ensure your submissions are complete (all required information included in one email and included attachments), and submitted only once.

In order for submissions to be complete, all submissions should include the following information:

  • Payee
  • Remittance Address
  • GL Account
  • Payment Amount
  • Business Purpose
  • Authorized Approval
  • Invoices / Quotes / Request Forms (as applicable)
  • W-9 Forms (as applicable when prior purchases have not been made from vendor)

For other Business Office form submissions, please complete and submit as directed on the form/instructions via one of the above methods.


If you have questions or other needs that require you to speak with someone in person, we are here to help. Our office hours are from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. If a member of our team isn’t visibly present, please ring the bell in the front office to notify our team of your presence, and someone will come to greet and assist you. If you need to speak with a specific member of our team, we recommend messaging/calling that individual in advance to confirm availability.

Accounts Payable disburses payments to vendors, staff and students. Payments are made by check, electronically by direct deposit. Expense reimbursements of under $50, to be made in cash are paid by Student and Departmental Account Services.  

Accounts Payable Schedule

Payments are processed by Accounts Payable once a week. Check Requests received by 12:00 PM on Friday are available the following Friday after 12:00 PM.  Invoices are paid per the vendor terms when due.  Completed check requests under $50.00 that are signed by the budget manager can be taken directly to Student and Departmental Account Services for cash reimbursement.

Check Requests submitted to the Business Office after Friday at noon will not be included in the check run.
Exceptions will be considered as follows:

  • Requests for payment received on Friday afternoon or the following Monday:  inclusion in the weekly run will be at the discretion of the AP staff.  This will depend on the volume of work received before the cut-off.
  • Requests for payment received on Tuesday or Wednesday:  inclusion in the weekly run must be approved by Travis Ables (Assistant Controller) or Kyle Teeter (AVP of Finance/Controller).
  • Emergency checks: requests to issue payments on an emergency basis must be approved by Travis Ables (Assistant Controller) or Kyle Teeter (AVP of Finance/Controller).  These will be approved only when the situation is urgent and immediate payment is necessary. The department will be assessed a $25 fee for each emergency check prepared.

If you have not enrolled in electronic payment for reimbursements, payment via paper check may be retrieved from Student and Departmental Account Services. Checks may be mailed to a home or business address. We do not mail checks through campus mail.

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