Managed Print Services

For details on what a Managed Print Service (MPS) is, why it was instituted and the benefits, please click here

How to make sure everyone is set up to print to the Konica multifunction devices.

  • New Computers for Faculty/Staff
    • New Macs should have had print drivers installed by IT during set up. Defaults need to be set up for each individual user. Click here for how to set defaults. POA is available to assist with driver or default set up.
    • New PCs – drivers need to be set up by individual users.  Follow the simple steps on this help sheet.
  • New Employees– HR provides a daily list of all new hires in WorkDay.  These new employees are then added to PaperCut.  Please send names, emails and LC ID# for any grad assistants or staff that are not set up as employees in WorkDay. To check on any new employees, contact Christopher Stecher at
  • New Student Workers / Anyone Needing Multiple Budget Codes– PCClient software is used for student printing or for anyone needing to charge printing to multiple budget codes.  The PCClient is downloaded once on a Mac for multiple users, but on a PC it must be downloaded once for each new student worker or user. Below are instructions on how to set up the PC Client.

Each department has a student worker code that can be used to print to the Konicas.  Contact Kyle Teeter to obtain the departmental student account codes.

What if I am having trouble printing?

  • I sent a print job but it is not in the queue on the Konica.  The first step is to reboot your computer.  This will usually fix the issue.  If not, please contact POA - (503) 214-0209 or
  • Copier says the device in not configured. The copier may have lost its connection to the server.  Turn the machine off with the main power switch behind the front panel with the BizHub logo.  If the message reappears, please contact POA - (503) 214-0209 or
  • Hold for Authentication Error – This is usually caused by a KeyChain issue on Macs.  If this happens, the old print driver needs to be deleted and reinstalled. After deleting the old driver, click here for instructions on how to reinstall the print driver  If you need assistance, please contact POA - 1-800-574-0484 or

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

Pacific Office Automation

  • For assistance with printing
    • 1-800-574-0484 or
    • To place an equipment service order or request toner
      • (503) 641-2002 – Provide Equip ID# and your department
      • Be sure to always have an extra toner on hand

 Print Charges

  • All copies and prints will be charged back to the departments on a “per click” rate (see table below).  This rate includes the cost of leases, software, electricity, toner, paper and service.  
Managed Print Service Pricing
  B&W Color
Multifunction Devices  $ 0.05  $ 0.21
Stand Alone Printers  $ 0.10  $ 0.39