Prospective and Admitted Student Info

Our Counseling Service provides short-term therapy for undergraduate, graduate, and law students in individual, couple, or group settings. Students visiting the Counseling Service come in for five sessions on average. Many students, however, are able to get the help and resources they need in a single meeting with a counselor. For more regular treatment of mental health issues, students should explore off-campus resources. The Office of Case Management or your on-campus counselor can refer you to mental health professionals in the Portland area who are best suited to meet your needs.

If you are dealing with an ongoing physical or mental health issue prior to enrolling at Lewis & Clark, we strongly recommend that you research and find off-campus health resources before your first semester to avoid any lapse in treatment. If you need help finding these resources, the Office of Case Management can assess your needs and provide referrals. We encourage students to contact our office the spring semester prior to their arrival at Lewis & Clark because our office is closed during the summer months and can be very busy during the first few weeks of the fall semester.