Level Up Your Content

Looking to integrate a photo gallery on your webpage? Feature some interesting stats or student profiles? Incorporate key events or news stories?

LiveWhale has several widgets that we can add to your page to take your storytelling to the next level. Let us help you develop a winning strategy for optimizing the impact of your content. Contact Caitlin Peel or Morgan Stone Grether to begin. (Note: The social media integration widget does not work at this time.)

Statistics Profiles

Statistics can be very powerful tools for telling your story online. The Office of Communications partners with Institutional Research and others to provide accurate and effective general statistics profiles for web use. If you need a more specific statistics profile, we can show you how to create it. Whether the statistics profiles are ours or your own, LiveWhale widgets make them easy for you to deploy. Our statistics profiles shopping page is a great place to start, or reach out directly to our office to learn more.