Color is an institutional identifier and design tool that communicates meaning. By focusing our palette on these primary and secondary brand colors, Lewis & Clark can establish recognition and increase memorability.

Primary Colors

The official colors of Lewis & Clark are orange and black. Orange is the dominant color and black is the contrasting color. Orange and black should always be the most prominent, top-of-hierarchy colors a viewer sees.

LC primary color orange


  • PMS 158
  • C0 M66 Y100 K0
  • R230 G107 B63
  • #F36F21

LC primary color black


  • C0 M0 Y0 K100
  • R35 G31 B32
  • #231F20

Primary Supporting Colors

We also have primary supporting colors of white and gray. These supporting colors bring balance to our bold primary colors. A healthy amount of white and a touch of gray help our school colors look their best.

Lewis & Clark primary supporting color white


  • C0 M0 Y0 K0
  • R255 G255 B255

Lewis & Clark supporting color gray


  • C0 M0 Y0 K40
  • R167 G169 B172
  • #A7A9AB

Secondary Colors

Our secondary palette consists of nature-inspired colors found on our beautiful campus that harmonize well with our primary colors: dark blue, light blue, dark green, light green, and yellow.

Lewis & Clark secondary color dark blue

Dark Blue

  • C100 M60 Y20 K30
  • R0 G71 B143
  • #00478F

Lewis & Clark secondary color light blue

Light Blue

  • C80 M0 Y0 K0
  • R0 G185 B242
  • #00B9F1

Lewis & Clark secondary color dark green

Dark Green

  • C100 M60 Y100 K10
  • R0 G76 B113
  • #005B3B

Lewis & Clark secondary color light green

Light Green

  • C50 M0 Y90 K0
  • R139 G199 B81
  • #8BC650

Lewis & Clark secondary color yellow


  • C0 M25 Y80 K0
  • R254 G195 B78
  • #FEC34D