Know Our Competition

It’s always good to know how we stack up against the competition. There are a variety of ways in which to compare Lewis & Clark with other institutions, including knowing where else our prospective students apply.


College of Arts and Sciences (Provided by Admissions, February 2022)

  1. University of Oregon
  2. Reed College
  3. University of Washington
  4. University of California at Santa Cruz
  5. University of California at Berkeley
  6. Whitman College
  7. University of Portland
  8. Willamette University
  9. University of Denver
  10. University of Puget Sound
  11. Gonzaga University
  12. Colorado College
  13. Occidental College
  14. American University
  15. Macalester College

Graduate School of Education and Counseling (Provided by Admissions, February 2022)

  1. Portland State University
  2. Seattle University
  3. Pacific University
  4. University of Oregon
  5. Oregon State University

School of Law (Provided by Admissions, February 2022)

  1. University of California, Hastings College of the Law
  2. University of Washington
  3. University of California at Davis
  4. University of Denver
  5. University of Colorado at Boulder
  6. University of Oregon