Social Media Comment Policy

Lewis & Clark makes every effort to read comments and respond to inquiries in a timely manner. Our intent is to moderate with a light hand and provide as much flexibility as possible for conversation and dialogue.

We do not agree with or endorse every comment that individuals post, but—in an effort to share ideas and information—our policy is to accept the majority of comments made to our social media pages.

With the above guidelines in mind, content will be deleted if it contains:

  • Abusive, defamatory, obscene, or profane language
  • Personal attacks, threatening, or discriminating language
  • Spam, such as the same comment posted repeatedly
  • Promotion of a business for profit or commercial transaction
  • Misinformation

All links will be reviewed and may be deleted at our discretion. Repeated violations of the comment policy may cause the author to be blocked from Lewis & Clark social media pages.

We understand that social media is a 24/7 medium; however, our moderation capabilities are not. We may not see every inappropriate comment right away, and we trust our community to ignore negative speech or respond politely.

These may be our pages, but they are also your community. Please help us regulate potentially offensive content, and sustain our authentic, welcoming, and compassionate community.

Questions about social media? Contact Digital Media Manager Devan Freeman.