Start a Print Project

As stewards of Lewis & Clark’s editorial and visual identity, we work on communications for the institution’s most important external audiences. We edit, write, and design print publications, email campaigns, advertisements, and more. And we provide resources to help others on campus in their own communication efforts.

We don’t create every poster, brochure, and booklet that you see around campus. We focus on design-intensive pieces intended for our key audiences. If you have an idea for a print piece but you aren’t sure if it fits in with our office’s mission, give us a call or send us an email. If we can’t take your project on, we’ll direct you to other resources to support you.

For more information or questions about our services, contact Director of Marketing Caitlin Peel.

Before you reach out, here are some things to consider:

  • Who is the point person for this project?
  • What’s the budget?
  • What does the project need to communicate/convey?
  • Who is the audience for this piece?
  • What action(s) do you want your readers to take?
  • When does the project need to be completed?
  • How long will this project be relevant?
  • How will you know if this project accomplished its goals?

Keep in mind that it’s never too early to get in touch with us. If you’re looking to create a brand-new piece, we’ll need your final copy six to eight weeks before you want the piece in hand. Talk to us sooner rather than later so that we can do our best work for you, or help you find the people who can.

When we take on a print project, we guide it from conception to delivery from the printer. Our process includes the following:

  • Editing. We will make sure your text is structurally and stylistically sound, grammatically correct, and persuasive.
  • Design. We will determine what the best means is for the message and create a compelling, on-brand visual presentation.
  • Print coordination. We maintain relationships with numerous top-quality printers. We’ll make sure you get a great product at a competitive price.
  • Photos and illustrations. We will draw from our ever-expanding library of photography or work with you to plan a photo shoot.
  • Quality checks. We inspect the print quality of all projects we produce as they arrive at our office.
  • Delivery coordination. On arrival of your finished publication, we send a delivery request to Mail Services that details your distribution needs. We can also work with printers to have items delivered directly to the mail house of your choice.