Creative Brief

A creative brief is used to outline the strategy of your print piece, including details about the concept, deliverables, tone, and more. Fill out as much as you can ahead of your intake meeting with our team so we can jump right in to the creative process!

  1. Office or academic department:
  2. Contact names and emails:
  3. Event dates (if relevant):
  4. Event title and/or explanation of event theme (if relevant):
  5. Target audiences (in order of importance):
  6. Tone (What should the audience think and feel after seeing your communication? What words, phrases, images, or songs evoke those thoughts and feelings for you?):
  7. Hierarchy of information (What is the most important thing for the audience to know about your communication—URL, keynote speaker name, date, hashtag, or something else?):
  8. Call to action (What should the audience do after seeing this communication—visit the website, attend the event, or something else?):
  9. Deliverables (What will we be producing for you—a poster, bookmark, a brochure, or something else? List each with quantities.):
  10. Budget (both the account to be charged and the dollar limit, if known):
  11. Schedule (can be established during the intake meeting):
  12. Copy (What information do you want to have appear on the various materials?):