Logistical Information for Event Planners

We know what it takes to make an event successful, and we’re here to help you throughout your planning process. Please browse the information below to learn a bit more about how we can support your event.

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Technology and AV Support Services

Tables and Chairs

Facilities Services delivers and sets up tables and chairs for all Lewis & Clark-related events. Facilities Services will provide this equipment without charge as long as it is being used on campus until inventory is depleted.

External groups renting facilities from Lewis & Clark will be able to use Facilities Services’ tables and chairs only when they are not needed for college-sponsored events.

Facilities Services’ inventory of tables and chairs will be available for Lewis & Clark-related events on a first come-first served basis taken from the date of the request made through the Conferences and Events office. When Facilities Services’ inventory is in use for Lewis & Clark-related events, and more tables or chairs are requested beyond what is in stock, the requesting departments or external groups will be responsible for paying the rental cost and delivery/pick-up fees for additional furniture.

If any damage or loss occurs to the Facilities Services’ equipment or rental equipment during use by an internal or external group, the event sponsor will be charged the repair or replacement cost of the equipment.

Campus Maps, Directions, and Transportation

Learn more about our location, see a virtual tour of our campus, and read about parking fees and policies on our maps and directions page.

Dining and Catering

Details are available on the catering information page.


Since Lewis & Clark is on a historic estate built into a hillside, accessibility can be a challenge. We recognize this and are continuing to improve the accessibility of our facilities and grounds over time. If you or your guests will have particular needs due to mobility impairments or physical disabilities, please let us know when scheduling your event so we can make recommendations for the venues that will best fit your needs.

Smoking Policy

In order to become a healthier community, Lewis & Clark is smoke-free, tobacco-free, and vape-free effective August 1, 2018. Eliminating smoking and tobacco use on our campuses—including the effects of second-hand smoke—will improve the well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Other Event Policies

Lewis & Clark’s Event Management Policy (EMP) Handbook (.pdf) is produced by the Office of the Vice President and Provost and the Office of Conferences and Events, and it is approved by the College’s Executive Council. Its contents include the principles, policies and procedures which govern the use of Lewis & Clark facilities and grounds by both internal and external constituencies.

The policies and procedures developed for the management of special events outline Lewis & Clark priorities related to facility use and scheduling, maintenance of a master calendar, assignment of responsibilities, information dissemination, operational guidelines, traffic and parking control, facility rental, and temporary signage.

Additional building use policies and procedures are maintained by facility managers.

The Event Management Policy handbook is subject to annual review and periodic updating through the Offices of the Vice President and Provost, and the Office of Conferences and Events (or designate).