Venue Information

Lewis & Clark provides a variety of event facilities, from large auditoriums to multimedia-equipped classrooms. We can accommodate a variety of events, including a board meeting for 20, a musical performance for 450, weddings, and summer camps. Review the following information to learn about our venues and click room names to see images and floor plans.

Room Dimensions and Seating Capacities 

If you would like specific details about a particular venue or venues, please contact our office. We would be more than happy to provide you with diagrams and capacity information that is tailored to your event design. 


Venue Room Area
(sq. ft.)
Perf. Area
(sq. ft.)
Stamm Dining Room (Templeton) 3,950  
Stamm East (Templeton) 1,970  
Stamm West (Templeton) 1,938  
Council Chamber (Templeton) 3,650 1,200
Thayer (Templeton) 650  
Monteith (Templeton) 265  
Gray (Templeton) 320  
Geary (Templeton) 255  
Agnes Flanagan Chapel 5,250 820
Diane Gregg Pavilion 1,600  
Smith Hall (Albany) 1,900  
Room 207 (Albany) 600  
Room 218 (Albany) 800   
Room 220 (Albany) 675  
Room 105 (Miller) 675  

Gymnasium (Pamplin Sports Center)

Room 10 (Pamplin Sports Center) 1,261  
Stadium (Griswold)    
Auditorium (Evans Music Center) 3,000 1,780
Main Stage (Fir Acres Theatre) summer only  2,880 1,425
Black Box (Fir Acres Theatre) summer only 2,280  



Since Lewis & Clark is on a historic estate built into a hillside, accessibility can be a challenge. We recognize this and are continuing to improve the accessibility of our facilities and grounds over time. If you or your guests will have particular needs due to mobility impairments or physical disabilities, please let us know when scheduling your event so we can make recommendations for the venues that will best fit your needs.

Smoking Policy

Smoking, vaping, and the use of tobacco products is prohibited on the College premises