Welcome to the Conferences & Events COVID-19 resources page. Here you will learn how to intentionally plan, manage, and execute events during the College’s current modified health and safety guidelines. These regulations and expectations are designed to help facilitate your events while still taking the appropriate precautions.

For student-run events, please work with the Office of Student Engagement

I have an idea!

That’s fantastic, and we’re glad to hear it! Your first step will be to carefully review the interim Event Management During COVID-19 Pandemic guidelines. This initial overview will give you an idea of what platform would be best suited for your event, as well as remind you about current Multnomah county restrictions. Once you have determined how you should hold your event, be sure to check out our Guidance for Event Planners document and the interim Food and Beverage policy. While you may already be familiar with many of these items, it is important to not overlook each step: WeB4Me@LC

The more the merrier!

After reviewing the above documents, you may be thinking about inviting a speaker, presenter, or performer from off-campus. If you do anticipate inviting a visitor to campus, you will also need to make yourself familiar with the interim Campus Visitor Policy. If your guests are approved by the College to come to campus, then as the event organizer, you will need to complete a Visitor Registration Form for each guest. 

Okay, I’m ready!

Woohoo! Let’s review:

  • All in-person events held on Lewis & Clark property (outside or indoors) must be approved by the relevant dean or VP prior to venues being scheduled.
  • All gatherings and events must be scheduled in EMS, regardless of if they are indoors or outdoors.
    Requests for meetings and events will be approved and confirmed in the EMS reservation system only if they can be arranged in a manner that meets Lewis & Clark’s physical distancing and other health and safety protocols.
  • Lewis & Clark is significantly limiting the number of visitors on campus. The new Campus Visitor Policy explains who is permitted to visit campus, and who should wait to visit.
  • Scheduling events will take several days longer due to the new dean/VP approval approval process.

Your Next Steps

  1. Please complete the new Application for An In-Person Event
    Information collected on the form will be shared with the relevant dean/VP for approval. Venue reservations cannot be confirmed until our office receives the notice of approval.
  2. Prepare your Event Kit with essentials to protect against the spread of COVID-19. 

    If you will be hosting a visitor …

  3. Please share the new Campus Visitors Policy in advance with guests you’ve invited to campus, as well as your staff, intern(s), graduate assistant(s), and/or volunteers (if any). Explain to your guests they should evaluate their risk in determining whether to visit, and they are responsible for a self-check for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to Lewis & Clark.

  4. Register all visitors (all non-L&C staff/students) arriving at your event site. This information is collected in case it’s needed for COVID-19 contact tracing. You are required to complete the online Lewis & Clark Visitor Register Form for **each** individual visitor. This form is for your use only. It is not designed for visitors to fill-out themselves.


As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at or 503-768-7235.