Filming and Photography at L&C

Film, Photography and Video Requests

General Policy

Lewis & Clark is a private institution and its campuses are private property. Filming and photography on
Lewis & Clark-owned lands, including on the Fir Acres Estate and around the Frank Manor, are restricted. Most filming and photography require advance permission. Lewis & Clark reserves the right to refuse or revoke permission to film or photograph on Lewis & Clark-owned lands for any reason.

Lewis & Clark policy allows for personal photography by individuals on campus so long as:

  • Lights, tripods, and other standing equipment are not used
  • The images are used exclusively for personal non-commercial purposes
  • They do not interfere with the operations of Lewis & Clark, the privacy of individuals on campus, and the taking of such photos is consistent with Lewis & Clark policies

For information on portrait sessions and wedding photography by Lewis & Clark affiliates, click here.

Lewis & Clark will consider requests from:

  • News media professionals
  • Lewis & Clark departments for Lewis & Clark-related activities: Lewis & Clark departments may request permission to film or photograph on campus providing the work is Lewis & Clark-related and does not interfere with campus operations
  • Filming or photography on Lewis & Clark property for academic purposes is limited only to current
    Lewis & Clark students, staff and faculty, as well as Lewis & Clark-sponsored programs and other programs that occur on Lewis & Clark’s property for which filming/photography is approved in advance and part of the program. The resulting films and photographs may not be used or distributed for commercial, marketing or promotional purposes

Requests from commercial and entertainment filming on campus are seldom approved due to disruption on our busy campuses. For details, click here.

Lewis & Clark policy prohibits:

  • Professional photographers or filmmakers on campus without an executed location agreement and appropriate liability insurance arranged through the Office of Conferences and Events
  • Filming in student residences, dining halls, libraries, classrooms and laboratories is prohibited without prior permission from the Office of Conferences and Events
  • Use of drones and unmanned vehicles without prior permission
  • Filming of b-roll on campus, including the Frank Manor House, Fir Acres Estate Gardens, Griswold Stadium, and other iconic areas of Lewis & Clark without prior permission from the Office of Conferences and Events

Lewis & Clark reserves the right to prohibit any filming or photography on its property for any reason, including if the filming or photography creates the potential for:

  • Disruption of academic, research, business or student activities
  • Damage to or alteration of Lewis & Clark property
  • Inappropriate use of the Lewis & Clark name, marks or image
  • Disruption of traffic, parking or pedestrian pathways or other safety hazards
  • Violations of privacy of the Lewis & Clark community

Related Policies

  • Use of Lewis & Clark’s name, other trademarks and emblems, or campus images by third parties is prohibited without written permission. For details contact the Office of Conferences and Events,
  • Drones: Non-Lewis & Clark entities and campus visitors are prohibited from flying drones and other unmanned flying vehicles above or from within Lewis & Clark property. Faculty, students, staff and approved vendors are required to obtain advance approval for such flights from the Office of Conferences and Events. For more permit information and instructions on requesting review of a proposed flight, email

News-related filming and photography

Lewis & Clark’s Office of Communications accommodates reasonable requests for journalistic, news-related, non-commercial shooting, but reserves the right to deny permission when the request runs contrary to the College’s policies–especially those that protect student privacy. The subject of all news-related filming or photography must be directly related to Lewis & Clark. Profiles of individuals using Lewis & Clark as a backdrop location are not allowed.

Learn more about news media filming, and photography by contacting Public Relations.

Non-news filming or photography

Commercial filming and photography related to the marketing and promotion of companies and organizations other than Lewis & Clark is prohibited on institution-owned property. These activities are incompatible with the Lewis & Clark’s nonprofit status and policies prohibiting endorsement or the appearance of endorsement.

Non-commercial educational filming about Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark’s Public Relations staff will consider film and photography requests for non-commercial educational purposes if the subject matter is directly related to Lewis & Clark. Filming and photography of individual members of the Lewis & Clark community, including for profiles or documentaries, is not allowed on campus. Programs unrelated or peripherally related to Lewis & Clark are not allowed. Lewis & Clark campus may not be used as a backdrop for third-party filming.

Sports event photography

Requests to film or photograph sporting events on Lewis & Clark’s campus should be directed to the Office of Conferences and Events,