Filmmaker’s Code of Conduct

During filming at a Lewis & Clark campus, all individuals connected with filming will adhere to the following code of conduct.

Please distribute the filmmaker’s code of conduct to your crew and staff.

  1. Production vehicles may not block driveways.
  2. Outside catering is not allowed without express permission of the Office of Conferences and Events. Staff and crew are able to eat at any of the on campus locations or coordinate catering with our on campus food service provider, Bon Appetit.
  3. Removing, trimming and/or cutting of vegetation or trees is prohibited.
  4. All signs must be approved prior to placement. After filming, all signage must be removed.
  5. Noise levels should be kept to a reasonable level. Amplified sound is not permitted without express permission of the College.
  6. Cast and crew vehicles parked at the College must adhere to all legal requirements unless authorized by the film permit.
  7. All members of the production company should wear clothing that conforms to good taste and common sense. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.
  8. Cast and crew are to remain on or near the area that has been permitted.
  9. Cast and crew will not bring guests or pets to location. Service dogs are exempt.
  10. Observe the no-smoking requirements.
  11. Cast and crew will refrain from using lewd or offensive language within earshot of staff, students and guests of the College.
  12. Appropriate behavior and respect will be shown by all members of the production crew toward students, faculty, staff and guests of Lewis & Clark.
  13. Offensive or objectionable behavior or language will not be tolerated; individuals acting inappropriately will be asked to leave College property.
  14. The entire film crew must comply with provisions of the permit at all times.