Portrait Sessions and Wedding Photography

Portrait Sessions and Wedding Photography for Lewis & Clark Affiliates

Personal portrait, engagement, wedding, and family photography sessions may be scheduled by appointment on Lewis & Clark private property only under these conditions:

  1. The photo shoot may not disrupt campus activities. Lewis & Clark reserves the right to revoke permission and ask parties to leave for any reason, including disruption of campus, public safety concerns, and violation of Lewis & Clark policies.
  2. Photos may only be taken on weekends.
  3. Photos may not be taken only in locations pre-approved by the Office of Conferences and Events, and listed on the Photographer’s Permit.
  4. No more than twelve (12) people may participate in a photo shoot due disruption factors.
  5. The photographer must carry proof of identity and the Lewis & Clark Photographer Pass at all times as it may be requested on site.
  6. In addition to signing a contract, the professional photographer must provide a certificate of insurance (COI) naming Lewis & Clark as additional insured.
  7. Professional photographers cannot use the resulting photographs for marketing purposes.
    The resulting photographs and/or video must only be for the personal, non-commercial use of the
    Lewis & Clark affiliate.
  8. The Lewis & Clark affiliate is responsible for ensuring that the photographer adheres to
    Lewis & Clark’s policies.

To inquire about scheduling availability, contact events@lclark.edu.

Last updated: March 1, 2023