1998 Master Plan, Academic Core

The Academic Core consists generally of the area north of the Manor Grounds, where instructional and support functions of the College will continue to be consolidated. As with the Manor Grounds, the area will be restored to the pedestrian by the removal of the general vehicle circulation and parking, with major pathways functioning double for service, emergency and handicapped vehicle use only. The primary feature of the Academic Core will be the redevelopment and expansion of the Albany Quadrangle as a Student Union that will include a lounge, coffeehouse, bookstore and art gallery. the eventual removal of Bodine and Psychology-Biology will allow the Albany Quadrangle to become a "centerpiece" within an expanded academic quadrangle, the new heart of the Academic Core zone.

Most importantly, the Academic Core will accommodate several new building sites that will both unify the area and provide for needed expansion of instructional space. A new Academic Hall I will be constructed west of Peebles, and a new Academic Hall II will be constructed on the site of the existing classroom/faculty office buildings. Together with the expanded Watzek Library, the new academic buildings will constitute an integrated center for the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the Graduate School. Life sciences and physical sciences will be consolidated in a new Science Hall east of Olin Hall. Eventually, Fir Acres Theater and Evans will be replaced by a future complex of facilities including a performing arts center and other space for the arts, conferences and recreation expansion. A 400-car parking structure to serve the complex, with tennis courts on the roof level, would be built north of Pamplin, and the parking area west of Griswold would be converted to a new intramural field.

View of future Academic Zone

View of future Academic Zone

Academic Hall I & II now complete

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