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Mater Plan

The Manor Grounds, consisting of the Manor House, the lawn area west of the Manor to Palatine Hill Road, and the Garden Mall east of the Manor, will be redefined as the central pedestrian open space linking the academic core area to the north with the residential area to the south. All general access roadways will be removed from the area, with the exception of a cobble stoned driveway from the Gatehouse at Palatine Hill Road to the turnaround in the west front of the Manor. The Gatehouse will become the formal public entry to the campus, with a side road directing visitors to a 50 to 60-space visitor parking lot west and north of the Chapel. The Manor itself will be a public center for Admissions and Alumni activity, as well as the Office of the President. The redefined pedestrian character of the Manor Grounds will consist of several features. A major new diagonal walkway will connect the Templeton area with the academic core area, culminated in a new plaza, or Town Square, west of the Watzek Library entrance. The Town Square will intercept several pedestrian paths leading to or through the academic core, including a proposed new Crescent Walk south and east of the Manor that will join Templeton with the Library. The Crescent Walk will consist of a series of open colonnades providing a sheltered pathway.

The Garden Mall itself will undergo restoration to its earlier formal splendor, and will be made more integral to the life of the campus by the construction of trellis walks on both sides along the upper half of the garden, adjacent to which the future expansion of Watzek Library will take place on the north side and series of Garden Houses will be constructed on the south side. The two story Garden Houses will contain apartments for visiting scholars, professors, parents and other guests, and offices and seminar space for various institutes and special programs. A major new pedestrian passage from the Garden to the Academic Core will also be developed east of the expanded Watzek Library.

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