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Master Plan

While the master plan envisions changes that can take place over the next 25 to 30 years, it is important to focus on those improvements that should be undertaken in the next 10 years in order to make a substantive transition toward the ideal of the "Academical Village." Those near-term improvements consist of the restoration of the Manor Grounds as the principal pedestrian environment of the campus, and of the development of several key new academic and support facilities. In summary, the priority development program for the campus includes the following:

  • Construct a new parking structure for about 220 spaces at the Law School to consolidate various offsite parking spaces.
  • Provide a new signalized pedestrian crossing at Terwilliger, permitting a pedestrian link between the Law School and the Upper Campus by way of Terwilliger Place and Riverside Street.
  • Development the new landscaped pedestrian open space on the grounds between Palatine Hill Road and the Manor by removing parking and roads from the grounds and providing a new visitor parking lot northwest of the chapel, and relocate staff/faculty parking at Griswold; restore the garden mall east of the Manor.
  • Construct a new 45,000 square foot Academic Hall I west of and connected with Peebles for the accommodation of part of the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Graduate School, and Arts instruction.
  • Construct a new facility for the sciences east of Olin Hall (as an addition or otherwise connected to Olin) where there is a capacity for 60,000 to 80,000 gross square feet.
  • Construct a new addition of 6,000 square feet to the Albany Quadrangle on the site of the existing Botany greenhouse (to be relocated with Science expansion) and redevelop the Albany Quad as an academic student union (totaling 21,000 square feet).
  • Develop a new campus open space in the area between Albany Quad and the new Academic Hall I site.
  • Remove the classroom/faculty office building (as the site for a future Academic Hall II).

The estimated cost, in 1991 dollars, to provide for the 10-year improvements program outlined above is approximated million. Overall, the master plan identifies a capability to accommodate a new increase in building area in the order of 500,000 gross square feet (700,000 square feet of new space less approximately 200,000 square feet of existing space to be removed). Currently, the College contains approximately 890,000 gross square feet of building area. Were all of the improvements described in the master plan to be implemented over a period of 25 to 30 years, the total estimated cost, in 1991 dollars, would be between 0 million and 0 million.

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