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1998 Master Plan, Residential District

Future changes in the campus residential area will be concentrated in the area of Huddleston Drive and Templeton Center, where the topography presents an outstanding opportunity to unify the residential environment of the campus. The plan envisions the elimination of the middle segment of Huddleston Drive, with major related changes occurring on both sides. On the north, the site of the Templeton parking lot would accommodate the southward two-story expansion of Templeton, allowing for upgrading of dining and recreation functions in Templeton that will make the facility the Residential Commons for the campus. The lower level of the expansion would retain approximately 70 to 90 covered parking spaces. To the south, a new International Village would be created on the site of the Huddleston Houses. The International Village will consist of a series of two and three-story residential structures clustered on the hillside around a series of open spaces leading to the expanded Templeton center. Indeed, the roof deck of the expanded Templeton would accommodate the continuation of residences to the south entrance to the building. The intent is to create a setting for approximately 300 to 400 new residents on campus, particularly appealing to students returning from their time abroad. Ultimately, as the dormitories west of Templeton (Stewart, Ruth Odell, and Akin) reach their useful lifetime, a more substantial residential complex would be built around a new set of enclosed quadrangles to replace them. Other residences on campus will be renovated as necessary. A low profile parking deck would be built on the site of the resident parking lot south of Platt.

New Residence Halls

Phase I Completed September 2002

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