Preparedness: Drills & Exercises

Lewis & Clark College conducts periodic drills and exercises to assess emergency procedures and capabilities. These activities try to realistically simulate an actual emergency situation on campus or in the surrounding community. These scenarios mimic such incidents as wildfires, earthquakes, civil demonstrations, and active shootings/hostile events.

Drills are relatively small in scale and assess specific scenarios or aspects of the College’s emergency management protocol. Examples include fire and earthquake drills that are organized by the College and regional agencies, such as the Great Oregon Shakeout.

Exercises are generally larger in scale, as they can involve community and municipal responders in a full deployment. Tabletop exercises simulate an emergency situation in a controlled environment without mobilizing or deploying resources, while functional or full-scale exercises test incident response capabilities using field response tactics. Lewis & Clark had several staff members participate in the 2016 Cascadia Rising Functional Exercise, as well as conducting recent wildfire and active shooter/hostile event tabletop exercises.