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Emergency Management

Emergency Response

Response efforts after an emergency will be coordinated with Lewis & Clark personnel and municipal responders, and these activities will vary greatly based on the type of emergency. While all emergency situations are dynamic and highly variable, by adopting an all-hazards approach, Lewis & Clark plans for all types of emergency contingencies. Emergency response efforts focus on protection of life, property, and environment while stabilizing the incident prior to beginning restoration efforts.

When a state of emergency has been declared, the College employs the FEMA National Incident Management System and Incident Command System protocols to provide oversight and coordination of response efforts. Using this scalable framework allows for seamless integration with municipal responders for all types of emergency incidents.

During an emergency, Lewis & Clark will implement any or all of the following resources:

  • Municipal responders that include law enforcement, fire & rescue, and local, state, and regional emergency management agencies.
  • Campus personnel will respond by assembling the Incident Command System (ICS) and deploying staff to assess and stabilize the situation.
  • Community resources, including CERT/NET, American Red Cross, and other volunteer agencies, will be mobilized and deployed as available and necessary. 

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Emergency Management

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    Emergency Management is located in Campus Safety on the Undergraduate Campus.


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    Emergency Management

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