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Facilities strives to collaborate across administrative and academic divisions the success of operational and capital projects. Please check back often for current and upcoming projects.


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  • Due to cold and wet weather, the new pedestrian bridge opening is delayed.
  • Howard Bridge:
    Our demolition crew has been rehanging the old utility lines onto our new bridge. They have also removed all of the supporting cross beams. We saw the first major day of roof work on December 4th. The roofing crew set up their safety rigging and began to prepare for sheet metal installation. 

  • Howard Bridge:
    Last week, the remaining CLT panels were put into place. Our demolition crew is preparing to hang the utility lines to the new bridge. We are cleaning up in order to move on to the next major phase of construction: removing old and unwanted bridge material. 

  • Donna Kerr is earning her degree in English at Lewis & Clark while working full time as the Mathematical Sciences administrative coordinator.
  • Drone Videos Available
    Special thanks to Keegan Millbern (, who recorded the crane pick of the north side of the bridge on Monday, Oct. 29th.
    Click on the Under Construction icon to see the videos

    Last week, we installed most of the CLT roof. On Sunday, the 360-ton crane on the north side of the bridge was demobilized. We hope to see the last three panels completely installed this week. By Thursday or Friday, we project that the smaller crane on the south side of the bridge will be completely demobilized.

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