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Get Involved

    Student Government

Lewis & Clark has a very active student government, and here are just a few opportunities to get involved with them.

  • ASLC Council - A body of your elected student representatives who pass legislation and address student concerns to administration and College committees. They offer a number of opportunities to get involved, in addition to running for office.
  • Student Academic Affairs Board - An academic branch of ASLC that addresses student academic concerns, awards grants to students doing research, performances, conferences, or bringing visiting scholars, and administers a free campus-wide tutoring program.
    Student Groups

We also have a number of student groups on campus for people with various interests. A comprehensive list of Lewis & Clark’s student groups may be found on the Student Activities website.

    Volunteer & Job Opportunities

LC offers many opportunities to get involved in the outside community as well. Here are a few of these great opportunities.

  • Volunteer - The Center for Career & Community Engagement (3CE) is a great on-campus resource for finding local (off-campus) volunteer opportunities.  Their office is located in Albany Quadrangle.
  • Student Employment - There are also many opportunities for employment on- and off- campus. From being a tour guide for Admissions to providing childcare in a local home, you can certainly make a few dollars while you go to school. Most jobs on campus require that you have a work-study award.
  • Internships - Internships provide great hands-on work experience in a variety of different fields. This can include on-campus internships, department-specific internships, business internships, or internships with nonprofits. Check out some of these great opportunities on 3CE’s website.
    Multicultural Opportunities

There are lots of ways to get involved with various multicultural activities as well. Such activities can broaden your horizons and give you a different outloook on life. Here are a few of these opportunities.

  • Office of Multicultural Affairs - The Office of Multicultural Affairs is responsible for leading the college efforts toward the advancement of a coherent and substantive commitment to diversity and multicultural perspectives. The office devotes considerable time to working with students, faculty, and staff to affect systemic change by coordinating campus-wide efforts that emphasize teaching and supporting students to prepare them for full engagement in our increasingly complex and diverse world. This is done through a range of responsibilities and activities that contribute to a rich, supportive, and respectful campus in which similarities and differences across cultures are sought, welcomed, and incorporated to deepen learning.
  • International Students of Lewis & Clark - ISLC represents the 7% of our student body that is made up of international students. They plan a number of multicultural awareness activities, but by far their largest event is the International Fair in the Spring. You can get involved with this by helping with a country booth, performing in the talent show, or helping cook international cuisine.
    Academic Departments

The academic departments and programs also provide a number of ways to make your education here a bit more interactive.

  • Symposia, Colloquia, & Readings - Many departments have such events. They’re great ways to see current research and network with professionals. You can often get involved in planning such events or bringing in speakers for them, too.
  • Search Committees - Every time a new faculty member is hired, a student sits on the search committee. This is a great way to help define the future of your department by helping hire new professors. You can also get involved with these searches even if you’re not on the committee by attending talks and classes.
  • Research Opportunities - In many departments, you can do cutting edge research with professors over the summer or during the school year. You can often even do your own independent research.
  • Theatre - We have a very active Theatre department that does a number of productions throughout the year. These include main stage productions, the One Acts, Once Upon a Weekend, and others. You don’t have to be a Theatre major to get involved!
   Athletic, Outdoors, & Recreational Activities

It’s always great to keep yourself physically fit and have a little fun, too. For more information about recreational opportunities at LC, visit the Recreation website.