Securing the Aid You Were Offered

for law students

  1. Review your current financial aid award 
    • Log into WebAdvisor and select the Self-Service link under Financial Aid. 
    • On the Self-Service home page, select Financial Aid and then My Awards.
  2. Calculate Your Estimated Refund
  3. Accept or Decline Financial Aid
    • Click on Accept or Decline to secure your financial aid award funds. Note: All scholarships and grants will automatically be accepted. 
  4. View Your Checklist
    • Go to the Financial Aid Home Page on Self-Service to review your checklist. Follow the links within and complete any additional steps necessary to secure your funding.
      • When you complete a counseling or MPN requirement, your checklist will usually be updated within two business days.
      • Be aware that the PLUS application requirement will not be marked as complete until your Grad PLUS Loan has actually been originated, and that will take more time.
      • A credit check will be conducted upon submission of the PLUS application. If you have placed a security freeze on your credit file, you must lift or remove the freeze at each credit bureau before applying so that the credit check can go through.
  5. Monitor Your L&C Email
    • Our primary method of communication with you is through L&C email. Be sure to watch your email for notifications from the Financial Aid Office.

* Contact the Financial Aid Office if you would like to discuss an alternative distribution of loan funds that would make your refund amounts more proportional to semester length.