Consortium Agreement for Visiting Students

Visiting Another ABA Law School

Lewis & Clark Law School students are permitted a visiting semester at another A.BA law school and the credits earned may be transferred back to Lewis & Clark. Typically, this visiting enrollment to a “host” school will be in your final year of law school. Most students applying for a visiting semester to a host school will have to pay some up-front costs (e.g., admission fee, deposits, etc.). Check with the Lewis & Clark Law School Registrar for the number of credits you may transfer back to Lewis & Clark from the host school.

  • Law students can opt to have a visiting semester or full year, at another law school in the geographic area they intend to practice law.
  • Some other A.BA law schools offer summer study-abroad programs, and these are a popular visiting enrollment option.
  • Other students have used the visiting semester to take a summer class (or a semester) at another law school close to their family home, to save on living expenses.

Financial Aid

When Visiting A Host School (another ABA Law School) Lewis & Clark Institutional funds (i.e., Dean’s Scholarship, Faculty Scholarship, Law School Grant, etc.) are not available for enrollment at a host school. These Institutional funds are only available when you are enrolled in fall and/or spring semesters at Lewis & Clark.

Lewis & Clark law students who are using Federal student loans to pay for law school at Lewis & Clark may request a Consortium Agreement be set up between Lewis & Clark Financial Aid Office and the Financial Aid office at the host school. Once a Consortium Agreement has been signed, any loans the student is awarded and processes through Lewis & Clark, will be forwarded from directly to the Host School. This will occur approximately one week after the corresponding Lewis & Clark semester has started or one week after the loan disbursement is received at Lewis & Clark. Students need to have a valid FAFSA on file with Lewis & Clark for the semester they will request a Consortium Agreement.

Required Documents and Steps

  1. To begin the process — contact the Lewis & Clark Financial Aid Office and request the Consortium Enrollment Form. The form requires you to furnish detailed contact information (address, phone and fax numbers) for the ‘Consortium Coordinator’ in the financial aid office at the Host School. In addition, there are “Terms and Conditions” on page two, that you must read and sign to show that you understand and agree to the terms.
  2. Lewis & Clark Law School Registrar must sign off on the Consortium Enrollment Form, indicating approval of your academic plans. If you have not yet discussed your visiting semester plans with the Registrar, you may need to furnish documentation of the classes you intend to take.
  3. The Lewis & Clark Law School Registrar’s office will forward the signed and completed Consortium Enrollment Form to the Lewis & Clark Financial Aid Office; and it will be used to contact the Financial Aid Office at the Host School regarding your enrollment with them.
  4. If the Host School agrees to the terms of the Lewis & Clark Consortium Agreement, they will sign the Consortium Agreement, return it to the Lewis & Clark Financial Aid Office, and provide the cost of attendance for your enrollment as a visiting student.
  5. Lewis & Clark Financial Aid Office will calculate your financial aid package to reflect the cost of attendance provided by the host school.

Federal Loan Funds to the Host School

After your semester loan disbursements have arrived at Lewis & Clark the Student Accounts office will request a Lewis & Clark College check be mailed to the address provided by the host school. The check amount will be for the full semester loan disbursements. The host school will deduct any tuition and other charges you owe to them, and provide a refund check to you if the financial aid disbursements exceed the host school charges. Check with your host school for the process to obtain a refund for the semester, and access the funds for your living expenses.

Summer Study-Abroad Considerations

Students may need to purchase their air-fare and make housing arrangements (and deposits) during spring semester. If you are abroad when your loan disbursements are sent to the host school from Lewis & Clark, there may be a delay before you receive a summer refund from your host school for living expenses. Connect with your host school to explore your options.