Division Changes

Two Divisions at the Law School

At the Law School there are two tuition rates:

  • Full-time ‘day’ division students taking 14+ credits in a semester
  • Part-time ‘evening’ division students taking 8-12 credits in a semester

After the first-year of law school, students are permitted to change divisions in any given semester. A change from full-time to part-time may permit flexibility for an activity like moot court, editing a law journal, or working a job. A change from part-time to full-time may accelerate the completion of your degree.

Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid

The Cost of Attendance for each year includes estimated tuition charges as well as modest allowances for living expenses, transportation, personal spending, and books. Because Financial Aid is based in part on your tuition charges, a change of division will affect your cost of attendance. For most law students, the only loan affected by a division change is the eligibility maximum of the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan. If you have opted to not borrow the maximum amount of this loan, a reduction to the eligibility maximum, will first affect the un-borrowed portion of the loan.

Student Loans and Semester Refund Checks

If you have already received the semester refund check, before the tuition rate is reduced due to a division change, the Student Accounts and Financial Aid offices will return some of your Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan disbursement to the Direct Loan program, reducing the amount of your Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan for the year. If tuition charges are increased due to a division change you may need to borrow an additional Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan to cover the higher tuition.

Scholarships and Division Changes

A scholarship from the law school would only be reduced if your scholarship exceeds your tuition charges. In this case the amount of the scholarship in that semester would be reduced to equal the tuition charges.