Scholarships & Awards

for law students

Emphasizing our firm commitment to access a legal education in times of increasing educational costs, Lewis & Clark Law School awards scholarship aid to a significant percentage of each year’s entering class; in the form of our Fellowships for Excellence. These awards are given annually to entering students (both domestic and international), who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and promise. They are renewable annually for all three or four years of a recipient’s attendance at the law school. Retention of each scholarship is based on the student’s meeting minimum grade point criteria and being in good disciplinary standing. The fellowships are in part provided by a growing program of endowed scholarships supported by alumni, Portland law firms, and other friends of Lewis & Clark.

Please visit the Law Admissions Scholarships & Award page for details.

To apply for a scholarship, check the scholarships you’d like to be considered for when you fill out your application. Students are considered on the basis of extremely strong potential for success in law school. Submitting a short (no more than one page) statement with your application regarding your particular qualifications and level of need will help the scholarship committee in considering your request.

Please note that if you receive an outside scholarship, you are required to notify the financial aid office. You may do so by using our External Resources Form. If you notify us after receiving your financial aid package, your award may be adjusted.

Work Study

Federally funded placement with qualified agencies for legal clerkships, available only to second- and third-year students. Students must request to be considered for work-study.