Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. (Note: The office is closed to the public on Wednesdays)
Located on the lower level of Templeton Campus Center
To schedule an appointment, please email or email your financial aid counselor (see below)

Anastacia Dillon

Associate Vice President

Karen Fobert

Senior Associate Director

Sheila Yacob

Associate Director, Undergraduate Students (Last Names A, T-Z)

Kelsey Neussl

Senior Assistant Director, Law & Graduate Students

Jessica Black

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Students (Last Names M-S)

Joanne Leijon

Financial Aid Counselor, Undergraduate Students (Last Names B-L)

Lynn Jensen

Administrative Assistant

Mary Moss

Educational Loan Specialist

Cindy Wyllie

Financial Aid Specialist

Student Employees

Leah, Isla, Katie, and Vy.