The Department of Education selected your FAFSA for a process called federal verification. This means we’re required to collect documentation from you and use it to review the accuracy of one or several items reported on your FAFSA. Don’t assume you’ve done anything wrong: this process exists to help ensure students are considered for all of the aid they’re eligible to receive. A finalized award offer can be prepared for you after the federal verification process is complete.

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Verification Deadlines

Undergraduate Early Decision March 1
Undergraduate Early Action March 1
Undergraduate Regular Decision March 1
Undergraduate Continuing Students March 28
Graduate and Law Students April 15

How to Complete and Submit Verification Documentation

Verification Forms

Special Situation

If you find yourself a victim of identity theft, you will need to submit different or additional documentation to our office in order to verify your income data.

Document Submission

To submit documents for verification, you can do so via fax, U.S. postal mail, or by uploading online it to one of our secured portals:

New Undergraduate Student Portal All Other Students - Financial Aid Portal

Federal Verification FAQ