Declining Coverage

Each fall, nearly all undergraduate and law students are automatically enrolled in student health insurance. Students who wish to decline enrollment in the student health insurance program (and avoid the $3887 annual charge) must complete the annual online waiver between mid-July and mid-September each year.  For fall 2023, waivers cannot be accepted after Tuesday September 19, 2023.

Lewis & Clark requires that all degree seeking, and visiting, undergraduate and law students have health insurance coverage comparable to that offered through the school’s comprehensive Student Health Insurance Plan. Students enrolled in the Academic English Studies program and those participating in both domestic and international off-campus and overseas programs are also held to this insurance requirement. 

Undergraduate and law students are afforded one opportunity in each academic year to waive the school’s coverage. If students do not submit an annual health insurance waiver, they will be automatically enrolled in coverage through the Student Health Insurance Plan for the entire academic year.  

All students participating in overseas and off-campus programs (both international and domestic) in the fall and spring semesters will also be enrolled in student health insurance.  Students participating in an Overseas and Off-Campus Program should click here to learn about the additional waiver options that apply to them.

If you are an undergraduate or law student and wish to decline coverage through the school sponsored insurance plan, you have a limited time at the start of each academic year to submit your health insurance waiver. The deadline to waive enrollment in the 2023-24 student health insurance is September 19, 2023. Undergraduate and law students who want to waive enrollment in the student health insurance program should go to the insurance waiver website to attest that they have other health insurance that is comparable to the coverage offered by the student health insurance plan.  For more information about this, contact

Please be aware that insurance waivers must be renewed annually, at the start of each academic year.  Students who do not renew their waivers each year will be enrolled in and charged for student health insurance. 

If you have any questions regarding health insurance waivers, please contact Kerry Barnes at Student and Departmental Account Services at