COVID Resources

What Students Need to Know related to COVID

What if I need medical consultation or support? Is the Health Service open?

The medical clinic in our on-campus Health Service–located in the Templeton Student Center on the undergraduate campus– is open limited hours for telehealth appointments.  Please call the clinic at 503-768-7165 to schedule an appointment. If new students have questions about vaccination issues, they should call or e-mail the clinic at

What are the symptoms of COVID-19? And what should I do if I am experiencing symptoms?

The Centers for Disease Control maintain an updated list of symptoms of COVID-19. If you experience any of those symptoms, isolate immediately; call a health care professional; and follow their guidance about whether further isolation or testing is needed. Students in residence this summer should visit this webpage for guidance on isolation, ordering groceries, and other support. On that webpage, there is also a notification tool whereby students can make college staff aware of their symptoms and needs. Be sure to complete the notification tool to alert college staff about your situation!

I have a medical emergency. What should I do?

If your situation is life-threatening and you are on campus, call 911 and also call Campus Safety at 503-768-7777, so that Campus Safety can help emergency response staff in finding you. If you are off-campus, just call 911. Emergency symptoms of COVID-19 can be found here.

Where can I get medical support (including COVID consultation) prior to the reopening of the Health Service?

There are many options for medical consultation in the Portland area. Check out the partial listing here. We recommend that all students verify whether a particular provider is in-network with their insurance company before accessing services.

What if I need medical consultation after-hours?

Anytime the Health Service is closed, students who want to consult with a medical professional about their symptoms should contact our Nurse Consultation Service at 1-844-915-2069.

I live in or near Portland. What options exist for COVID testing in the community?

On July 22, the Oregon Health Authority launched a new website to help Oregonians find COVID testing locations in the state.  The website has an English language version, and a Spanish-language version.   Multnomah County also has a good webpage that lists local COVID testing options.    

Many health care providers are offering COVID-19 consultation and testing. We offer the testing sites below as just some of the available options. The first clinic has multiple locations and accepts the student health insurance plan. All of the clinics require some form of screening (by phone or virtual visit) before they will authorize a test. As of July 9. 2020, the first two clinics below offer rapid (same day) testing. The third clinic (Zoomcare) offers testing, but results may not be available the same day.  We suggest that students inquire with any clinic about how long it will take to receive results.

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