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Student Health Insurance

All degree-seeking and visiting undergraduate and law students are required to have health insurance that is comparable to the student health insurance plan offered by the College. Students enrolled in the Academic English Studies program are also held to this insurance requirement.  This requirement also applies to students participating in Lewis & Clark Overseas and Off-Campus Programs, both international and domestic.  Lewis & Clark does not enforce a health insurance requirement for students in the Graduate School for Education and Counseling (GSEC), though GSEC students are strongly encouraged to have health insurance. GSEC students may voluntarily enroll in the student health insurance program.  Students who are graduating cannot extended their insurance beyond the end of the policy period.  (For example, students who graduate in December cannot extend their coverage past December 31.)  

All degree-seeking and visiting undergraduate and law students are automatically enrolled in (and charged for) student health insurance.  However, if these students have other health insurance coverage this is comparable to the student health insurance plan, they may waive enrollment in the student health insurance plan.  Undergraduate and law students have just one opportunity at the start of each academic year to complete their online waiver and decline coverage for the academic year. (Students participating in an Overseas and Off-Campus Program should click here to learn about the additional waiver options that apply to them.)  Students who complete the waiver process will not be enrolled in or charged for student health insurance.

Information about the 2017-18 Student Health Insurance Plans

Information about the 2018-19 Student Health Insurance Plans 

Note:  The above information applies to fall and spring semester only.  Students attending summer session are NOT required to have health insurance, although it is strongly encouraged.  For students enrolling in student health insurance, summer coverage is automatically included with spring coverage.

Students enrolled in the Graduate School of Education & Counseling:  

If you are considering enrollment in the student health insurance plan, please read the information below about benefits, rates, and FAQ’s. Graduate students who wish to enroll in coverage should contact USI NW at 1-800-251-4246 and talk to Patricia Wylie or Cassie Brown.  GSEC students must enroll within 31 days from the effective date of coverage each semester (fall semester deadline is October 1, 2018 and spring semester deadline is February 1, 2019).  It is their responsibility to purchase coverage each semester by the enrollment deadline.   

Looking for a specific provider in the PacificSource network?

PacificSource has a robust provider panel, both in Portland and nationally.  To find out if a provider is in-network with PacificSource, visit and select ‘Find a Doctor’. This link will allow you to search a variety of providers and facilities, not just “doctors.” 

Submitting a claim

Instructions on how to submit a claim for healthcare expenses to PacificSource can be found here.  

Dependent Coverage

Coverage for dependents of Lewis & Clark students is no longer available.  Very few students used this coverage, and alternative coverage is available through the insurance marketplace (see   For more information about finding dependent coverage, click here.

For More Information
  1. Specific questions about your coverage:  Call PacificSource at 541-225-2741 or 855-274-9814.
  2. Questions or concerns about particular claims; what is covered; conflicts/concerns with PacificSource; issues with students not receiving their insurance cards; and issues with students getting into the waiver system:  Call Patricia Wylie at USI Northwest: 503-295-6357.
  3. Questions about billing for the student health insurance program; requests for late waivers; requests for spring (paper) waivers based on a qualifying life event; and requests to rescind waivers: Call Cheri Blatner at 503-768-7826.
  4. Questions or petitions regarding a) comparability of a student’s/family’s coverage, and whether it meets our waiver criteria, or b) continuation of a student’s coverage after they leave the college:  Contact Francine Key at or 503-768-7160.





Student Health Insurance

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