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Student Health Insurance

Why Insurance?

Lewis & Clark College takes seriously its responsibility for the welfare of its students and has had a long-standing policy that all enrolled students must carry medical insurance. In an effort to alleviate what have been some perennial problems with health insurance coverage, the College asks students to either subscribe to the school-sponsored health insurance or to complete an annual waiver with very specific policy criteria. These criteria assure that our students are provided with an adequate level of medical and mental health care in the Portland, Oregon area (or wherever else they might be studying) for the upcoming academic year. Students may carry a policy other than that offered by the College but the coverage must be comparable

Portability of insurance plans is a significant issue among our student population, because our students come from all over the country and the world. Many personal policies do not offer adequate (or any) coverage outside of one’s home region. Lack of portability has in the past led some students to incur significant out-of-pocket expense for medical care and interfered with their ability to continue successfully at the College. This can also place an undue burden on College resources, such as the Health Service and Counseling Service, which are not intended to provide intensive care.

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Additional Information
  • Online Insurance Waiver (This website allows undergraduate and law students to waive enrollment in the Lewis & Clark student health insurance plan if they have other comparable coverage.  The website will be active July 8-September 18, 2019. The online waiver form can be found at starting July 8, 2019.  Waivers must be submitted by the deadline of September 18, 2019.   
  • Comparable Coverage
  • Dental Insurance & Vision Discounts

Student Health Insurance

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