403(b) Committee



Chair - CFO and Vice President of Operations

Andrea Dooley

Associate Vice President for Finance/Controller

Kyle Teeter


Heyke Kirkendall-Baker

HR Generalist and Benefits Manager

Matt Cook

CAS Faculty

Clifford Bekar

LAW Faculty

Jack Bogdanski

GRAD Faculty

Carol Doyle

Teamsters Union

Amanda Wilson


Rachel Greben

General Purpose:

The 403(b) Committee is a “named fiduciary” and has discretionary authority to administer the Plan in all of its details subject to ERISA and discretionary powers necessary to carry out the terms of the Plan including, but not limited:

  • to make and enforce rules for the efficient administration of the Plan;
  • to decide which Annuity Contracts and Custodial Accounts will be available for contributions;
  • to appoint such agents, counsel, and consultants as it deems necessary to assist in administering the Plan; and,
  • to allocate and delegate duties and responsibilities.


Quarterly Meetings facilitated by Multnomah Group, Retirement Plan Consultant to the plan.

Examples of key functions performed:

  • Reviews plan performance
  • Assesses investment selection to ensure a well-diversified investment selections with a variety of risk tolerance levels
  • Monitors investment performance and adds, modifies, or removes investments when warranted
  • Oversees plan costs

Reports and Updates:

  • 403(b) Committee RC/RCP Conversion