Employee Benefits Committee




  1. Benefits, Leave and Training Manager, Chair

Kris Codron

  1. CFO and VP of Operations

Andrea Dooley 

  1. AVP of HR

Heyke Kirkendall-Baker

  1. CAS Faculty

Stepan Simek

  1. CAS Staff

Mark Pietrok

  1. LAW Faculty


  1. LAW Staff

David Carter

  1. GRAD Faculty

Carol Doyle

  1. GRAD Staff

Sharon Chinn

  1. Common Services

Aaron Whiteford

  1. LCCSSA Union

Lisa Frenz

  1. Teamster Union

David Burgess

  1. PubCom

Joe Becker


General Purpose:

  • Review existing benefit programs and make recommendations for the improvement, addition, or deletion of programs.

  • Advise regarding significant benefit program design changes.

  • Serve as a conduit for the communication of benefit trends, changes and challenges to and from the broader community. Recommend communication strategies.



Monthly Meetings (excluding July and August)

Examples of key topics:

  • Offer meaningful and flexible advice that allows the college to provide the greatest benefits to the faculty and staff community as a whole.

  • Evaluate benefit priorities in response to changes in the college’s financial position, faculty and staff members’ interests and needs, the competitive market for faculty and staff members, or the external benefits landscape (e.g., changes in the benefits marketplace or in applicable laws and regulations).

  • Support the health and well-being of faculty and staff members, encouraging preventive care and providing opportunities to foster wellness.

  • Monitor the effectiveness and solicit feedback regarding employee satisfaction levels with the college’s benefits offerings (i.e. level of benefits, vendor services, costs, etc). Compare benefits packages with peer institutions.

  • Educate faculty and staff about the college’s benefits package as a component of total compensation.