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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - Cascade Centers

Cascade is a national private mental health service that has been providing EAP services since 1978 and has a proven record for providing the highest quality services possible. The College selected them because we are able to receive a more comprehensive service focused package, with enhanced program offerings and web tools for our faculty, staff and families.

How does it work?

You and your household members are automatically covered under the EAP. The College pays the full cost of the benefit.

What is an EAP?

An employee assistance program (EAP) is a *free* confidential service paid by the College for our employees and their family who may be experiencing personal or work place problems. This program is available because everyone has problems from time to time. Usually, they can be worked out, but sometimes the problems persist, becoming serious enough to affect employees both off and on the job. At such times, an educated and professionally-trained counselor may be able to help.

Who can use the EAP?

You, as the employee, or any member of your household can call the EAP for help whenever a personal problem is troubling you.

What kind of problems or family issues can I call the EAP about?
 You can call the EAP about anything that is concerning you. Some of the more common concerns that they receive calls about include (but are not limited to):

  • Marital, family, or relationship issues
  • Alcohol/substance abuse/addictions
  • Help with child or elder care
  • Emotional problems (depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Legal and financial difficulties
  • Assistance with becoming a home owner
  • Troubles with identity theft
  • Work-related problems
  • Career development services

In addition, a wellness program is available that includes unlimited access to a personal health coach. The coach will create a customized wellness plan and provide assistance in areas such as weight loss, smoking cessation, fitness and exercise, nutrition, and pre and postnatal care.

How do I contact the EAP?

You may access immediate and confidential consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 1-800-433-2320. You may also e-mail Cascade Centers at Visit for more information.

What happens once I do contact the EAP?

Once you have made the call to the hotline, a counselor will be available to talk to you immediately. The counselor is a member of Cascade’s staff and mental health professional. During this initial call, you can request information, discuss a personal problem, obtain assistance in assessing a problem and/or resolving it, or request a referral to an appropriate Cascade therapist for a face-to-face assessment.

What will the EAP cost me?
Four (4) face-to-face visits per problem are provided at no cost to you through our contract with Cascade. Often these visits are all you will need. If you are referred for other services, there may be a cost. The EAP staff will work with you to find the most affordable method to cover the cost of additional services.

What if another problem comes up after this one is solved?
There is no limit to the number of times you can call the EAP with a new problem. You are limited to four (4) free sessions per year for any one problem. For example, if you see the EAP for marital counseling and the same problem resurfaces, you will need to work with the EAP staff to cover the cost of any additional face-to-face sessions with a therapist.

Will my employer, family, or friends know I’ve used the EAP?
A key factor in the program is confidentiality. Cascade is prohibited by federal law from releasing any information on any client to anyone. Reports made by the EAP to Lewis & Clark contain statistical data only, no names or specific details. No one will know you utilized the EAP unless you decide to share it with them.

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Cascade Overview

Please take three (3) minutes to visit this webpage that provides a general overview of Cascade, your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and briefly explains the services available to you and your immediate family

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24 hours, 7 days a week

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800-433-2320 out-of-area


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