Holiday Pay

We provide our benefit-eligible employees with paid time off to recognize major holidays.

To be eligible for holiday pay you must be in paid status on the last regular day before and the first regular workday following the holiday. You are considered to be in paid status when you receive regular, sick, or vacation pay.

If you are a part-time benefit eligible employee and/or an employee who works in a department with mandatory 24/7 operations, you will receive holiday pay based on the actual number of hours per day that you are regularly scheduled to work. If you are on leave (sick or vacation) you will not be granted additional holiday pay for the holidays that occur during your leave.

If you are a nonexempt employee who works on a holiday you may be paid regular pay in addition to holiday pay or you may be credited with those hours to take time off later in the same work week. You do not receive any additional compensation if you are an exempt employee who works on a holiday.

For more detailed information please see our Employee Holiday Policy.

Holiday Schedule

We will observe the holidays and closures listed below. Whenever a holiday falls on a Sunday, the succeeding Monday is observed as the holiday. Whenever a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday is observed as the holiday.

For the remaining academic year 2023-2024 Memorial Day on Monday, May 27 and Juneteenth on Wednesday, June 19 are also recognized. 






Thursday, July 4, 2024 

Friday, July 4, 2025

Friday, July 3, 2026


Monday, September 2, 2024

Monday, September 1, 2025

Monday, September 7, 2026


Thursday, November 28, 2024 and Friday, November 29, 2024

Thursday, November 27, 2025 and Friday, November 28, 2025

Thursday, November 26, 2026 and Friday, November 27, 2026


Monday, December 23, 2024 through Wednesday, January 1, 2025

Wednesday, December 24, 2025 through Friday, January 2, 2026

Thursday, December 24, 2026
through Friday, January 1, 2027


Monday, January 20, 2025

Monday, January 19, 2026

Monday, January 18, 2027


Monday, May 26, 2025

Monday, May 25, 2026

Monday, May 31, 2027


Thursday, June 19, 2025

Friday, June 19, 2026

Friday, June 18, 2027

 No classes will meet on these days and all offices of the College will be closed.