Sick Pay

Salary Employees (Exempt):


Hourly Employees (Non-Exempt):

Sick leave accrues and may be accessed in accordance with the terms of the applicable collective bargaining agreements. Overtime Eligible Excluded accrue sick leave at the same rate as LCCSSA staff.

Years of Service Accrual (Days per Month Worked) Maximum Accrual
0-4 1 day per month 130 days
5+ 1.25 days per month 130 days

Sick leave will be accrued by an employee who is in paid status for seventy-five (75) or more hours in the month. The benefit accrued for part time employees will be prorated according to the hours the employee normally works compared to a full workload.



Accumulated but unused sick leave shall be payable when an employee is unable to work because of his/her incapacitating illness or injury. Absence for doctor and dentist appointments may also be charged to sick leave. An employee requiring use of sick leave shall give notice to his/her supervisor before or at the beginning his/her shift unless physically incapacitated or other arrangements are made. In that case, notice shall be given as soon as reasonably possible.

Absence from work because of illness or injury shall be subject to reasonable verification by the College for the purpose of preventing sick leave abuse. Absences due illness or injury, which exceed accumulated sick leave, will be charged to accumulated vacation before an employee is placed on leave without pay. Employees will not be paid for unused sick pay at the time of termination of employment.

Family Medical Leave:

Regardless of whether or not an employee is Exempt or Non-Exempt, if they need to take time off to care for an immediate family member for a medical reason, and the leave is approved under the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA), the employee may use all accrued sick leave. If, however, the leave does NOT qualify for Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA), then Exempt and Non-Exempt employees may use a maximum of 3 days of sick leave to care for immediate family members. Please contact HR for more information as soon as possible to determine if your time qualifies under family leave.