Life Insurance

Purpose: To provide eligible faculty and staff with life insurance and accidental death & dismemberment insurance.

Policy Statement: Staff who work at least 30 hours per week on a regular (not temporary) basis faculty with at least .75 FTE are eligible to enroll in the life insurance plan. Employees who enroll for life insurance are subject to eligibility rules and benefits outlined in the plan document. The College pays the premium for basic coverage; additional insurance is available at the employee's expense.


  1. Upon hire, benefit eligible faculty and staff will receive a benefits summary containing information about premiums and benefit coverage of available life insurance plans, the applicable enrollment deadline, and information on how to get assistance.
  2. New employees will be provided with an opportunity to attend a benefits orientation session in which the life insurance plan, optional life insurance, enrollment procedures, deadlines, and other related information will be presented. Enrollment forms will be provided.
  3. Correctly completed enrollment materials must be turned in to the Office of Human Resources within 31 days of date of hire. Coverage begins on the first day of the month following date of hire. If the 31-day deadline is missed, the employee will be required to complete a health statement, may be required to submit to a physical examination, and coverage is subject to underwriting approval.
  4. Employees may choose to purchase additional life or accidental death & dismemberment insurance for themselves and their families. Employee contributions are deducted from the paycheck at the end of the month for the next month's coverage. Applications for additional insurance may be made at any time during the plan year. Applications for optional insurance may include completion of a statement of health and a physical examination, and are subject to underwriting approval. Applicants may be denied based on health problems or and incomplete application. There is no open enrollment period for life insurance following the initial eligibility period.
  5. Employees may choose to discontinue or modify their optional insurance at any time by notifying the Office of Human Resources in writing. Applications for an increase in coverage are subject to underwriting approval.
  6. Employees on approved leave of absence will retain group coverage for up to a 12-month period.
  7. Employees who take an unpaid leave of absence or who work less than 12 months per year must make arrangements in advance with the Office of Human Resources to pay for optional benefits, or insurance coverage will be discontinued.

Approved by the Executive Council, June 24, 1992.
Revised on May 31, 2002.
Revised on June 4, 2008.