Medicare Supplemental/Plus Insurance for Retirees

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Medicare Supplemental/Plus Insurance for Retirees

Purpose: To provide College retirees with medical insurance that supplements Medicare coverage.

Policy Statement: Benefit eligible faculty, administrative staff and support staff who retire from the College after at least five years of continuous, full-time service and are enrolled in one of the College’s group medical plans are eligible to enroll in College sponsored Medicare Supplemental/Plus plans upon attaining eligibility for Medicare Parts A & B. The College will pay a portion of the premium for eligible retirees. The spouse of a retiree may enroll but is responsible for the full cost of his/her premiums. Employees must retire from the College in order to be eligible for this benefit. Employees who are involuntarily separated from the College are ineligible.


1. Retirees must be participants in the College’s active group medical plan until they are eligible for Medicare parts A & B, which can include COBRA enrollment. Refer to the COBRA policy for further details.

2. Prior to attaining age 65, eligible retirees should contact the Social Security Administration to enroll for Medicare Part B. The retiree should contact the Office of Human Resources for Medicare Supplemental/Plus enrollment materials.

3. Enrollment materials for a College sponsored Medicare Supplemental/Plus plan must be completed within 30 days of becoming eligible. If the eligibility period is missed participation is forfeited. If the spouse’s eligibility date differs from that of the retiree due to an age difference, the spouse must enroll within 30 days of becoming eligible or wait until the open enrollment period.

4. The College will bill retirees for their portion of the insurance premium. Retirees may choose to make payments on a quarterly or annual basis. Every reasonable attempt will be make to contact retirees who do not pay premiums on time; if a payment is more than 30 days delinquent however, coverage may be terminated.

5. Retirees may choose to terminate enrollment in Medicare Supplemental/Plus plan at any time. Once participation is terminated, a retiree may not later re-enroll in a College sponsored medical plan.

6. The retiree must be enrolled in the plan in order for the spouse to enroll. If the retiree dies, the spouse may continue participation. If the spouse attains age 65 prior to the retiree, the spouse must wait until the retiree enrolls.

Approved by the Executive Council, June 24, 1992.
Revised on May 31, 2002.
Revised on June 4, 2008.