Flexible Scheduling

Policy Statement: In some offices at the College, it may be possible for staff members to work a flexible schedule. By providing flexibility in scheduling, the College may be able to recruit and retain valued employees and meet our transportation and parking reduction goals. All flexible scheduling arrangements must be cost neutral and contribute to customer service. Factors such as productivity, federal and state legislation, restricted funding, task interdependence and the operational needs of the department and the College affect such alternatives. Departments and individuals using a flexible schedule must maintain or increase service levels to their constituents.

 Flexible schedules may include variations in daily beginning and ending times, or a compressed workweek (working the same number of hours in fewer days) provided those schedules comply with state and federal wage and hour laws and applicable collective bargaining agreements.


  1. Employees desiring a change in their work schedule must give their immediate supervisor a written proposal detailing the desired adjusted schedule and how that schedule meets the requirements of the job description, the impact on the department and the quality of customer service provided.
  2. Immediate supervisors shall review proposals for flexible work hours and recommend to Human Resources proposals which meet the purpose and scope of this policy. The Assistant Vice President for Human Resources must approve all flexible scheduling arrangements which involve an ongoing change in an employee’s work schedule.  Temporary changes may be approved by supervisors. All scheduling changes must be reported to HR regardless of their duration and prior to implementation.
  3. Each flexible scheduling arrangement should be implemented on a trial basis with evaluation points occurring at the supervisor’s discretion.

The agreement to change an employee’s work schedule to a flexible schedule may be withdrawn at any time if, in the supervisor’s view, it is no longer in the best interest of Lewis & Clark College to continue the arrangement.


Approved by the Executive Officers, August 21, 1998.
Revised on November 28, 2012.